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Counseling for students of Umeda, Grelle, and Yukimi

Katou Yue
Vanya Hargreeves

Ferdinand Marienfield
Cadis Etrama Di Raizel

Rose Lalonde
Percy Jackson

I am around on weekdays after 6 pm PST and/or on weekends more generally usually. I have also thrown up three comments in the first post looking for my folks if you just wanna dive into it! The name of each counselor is the link. I will be slow but we have all month. Otherwise let me know when and or where you would like to o7

Additional note:


I will try to check in with you when

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Last night, I had a dream I was Grelle and therefore fabulous. And for some reason Sebastian and I were charged with declaring this one Victorian noblewoman, who I believe was Sera for some reason, not guilty of murder. So we go in to investigate and I/Grelle like look through her shit and am like "...well she obviously did it, so we'll just SAY SHE DIDN'T". [THROWS HANDS IN AIR] "Seriously you guys!" And Sebastian was like 9_9 and handled it to actually get her declared innocent (even though she was guilty), while I draped all over the girl and was like IT'S OKAY I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND :')

And then after there was some sort of silly 'attractive butlers in tuxedos and roses' competition and someone was stupid enough to tell me about it. And I/Grelle went out and rocked a speech on the stage like LADIESSSS STANDING BEFORE YOU IS ONE HELL OF A WOMAN IN ONE HELL OF A SUIT!!

Meanwhile the poor harried Sebastian forgot his pants the first time he came out. (At this point in retelling, Zazzle goes, "Of course he did. It's Grelle's dream."

"Yeah, he was in his boxers and therefore both showing off his sexy legs AND kind of humiliated, so it really was.")

At any rate pantsless Sebastian woke me up and ... yeah. It was basically an episode of the anime, but better because I was living it.

Sebastian: sob pants
Grelle: You wore attractive boxers though, Sebaschan
Sebastian: of course
Sebastian: nontheless
Grelle: I am not sure I have ever felt quite so self-confident in a "haters gonna hate" way
Sebastian: wwgd
Sebastian: there are only two choices, make out with it or chainsaw it, and they're both wonderful choices
Grelle: It's like fuck or die all the time!
* Grelle feels horrified even saying that
Sebastian: wwgd is a bad life philosophy
* come undone


OCT 24 - Gil, Miranda, Violet, Katou, Eddie

I'm having to work from home today so kinda distracted but if you don't mind it maybe taking a few days let's ROLL.

[You end up wandering in one of the corn fields this fine, moonlit night...]
* um excuse me wat r u doin

S'up today's killing list

Which would be:

OCT 17 - Kamui, Guy (dropped), Naoi, Zhores

I am like HURR DE PMS HURR today so doin' this in journal instead of in camp but YEAH FOR WHATEVER REASON WHEN YOU OUT IN THE CORNFIELD TONIGHT bad shit happenin.

(If you would prefer to not thread it out and skip right to the waking up at the moogle just let me know in brackets. Also feel free to grab whoever to jump your threads after you wake up at the moogle herp de derp derp I am easy with you guys spamming this post)
bzzt bzzzt

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Dorothy, Kazuki, (pie's) Kirk HERP DERP, Ikki

IT IS CANADIAN THANKSGIVING TODAY herp derp I totally forgot about that when making up the schedule.

ZAZZLE AND I ARE GOING FOR DINNER AT 7 PST which is close enough I don't wanna post now.

I CAN PUT SOMETHING UP AFTER WE'RE BACK (8:30?) but if this is too late for you guys let me know and I can shuffle the schedule around OR WE CAN OFFSCREEN EVERYTHING and just assume it happened. Thoughts???

[IC] Serial Killing weekend 2

[This evening is a dark one, clouds racing past and wind uneasy. The moon has taken on a strange reddish hue again. For whatever reason you're out in the corn fields tonight, you probably find it a bit chilly...]

((OOC: Wasn't up to running a real post today, so just journal-posting that there Serial Killing post for today. Today's victims are Radu, Yamamoto, Kuhn, Kakei. After you get killed feel free to link anyone and everyone to come jump and comfort you or whatev, though, I don't mind if you use it to thread the hell out of stuff! ♥))


Followup on these signups! FIRST!! The calendar! If these dates DO NOT WORK FOR YOU please tell me and let me know which of the below dates you would prefer to be switched to or if you want to be removed from the list.

SEPT 26 - Zuko, Jet, Himawari, Neji

OCT 3 - Radu, Yamamoto, Kuhn, Kakei

OCT 10 - Dorothy, Kazuki, Kirk, Ikki

OCT 17 - Kamui, Guy, Naoi, Zhores

OCT 24 - Gil, Miranda, Violet, Katou, Eddie

As you can see, I've decided to leave this as a BUILDING UP TO HALLOWEEN thing. Grelle will be aiming to ~SNEAKILY~ kill up to that point and leave people thinking Halloween's going to be the WORST, then drop it completely, NEVER TO BE FOUND (unless she is :') BUT HER GOAL IS NEVER TO BE FOUND). And then do it again sometime later (pending further interest).


Collapse )
* Grelle is now known as Tucker

Serial Killing Signups

SO GRELLE IS BORED and really tired of being a Good Girl for Will, who hasn't rewarded her at ALL for how good she's being anyway. And if she's not going to get rewarded for being good, then she might as well go~ have~ fun~ instead!

But subtly because she doesn't want to get in trouble, oh Will.

So basically I'm looking for VOLUNTEERS!!! who don't mind maybe posting once with waking up from a respawn after a horrible murder. :)

Basically... my hope is to get signups once a week (Sundays?) starting ... well, maybe not this weekend if it's too soon for people but. SIGNUPS!! Where these individuals would post (or thread or otherwise bring up) about the fact they just respawned from SOMETHING HORRIBLE! Where they were approached by a meek, mousy-looking man in the cornfield and then SUDDENLY OH GOD ABDOMINAL PAIN AND BLOOD SPATTERING AND A WIDE-TOOTHED GRIN. Whether you'd want to thread it out or just post/thread with other characters about the respawn is fine by me.

Obviously as implied above, Grelle is disguising herself for this and ideally she's hoping it'll be mistaken for some creepy new camp-stalking monster rather than, well, herself, but if individuals want to track it back to her after multiple cases turn up I am game for turning this into a FIND THE MURDERER thing.

SO. UM. Is anyone interested in being willing to post or thread (or otherwise work into a set and previously-decided scheduled date) their character getting killed in the cornfields?

If so, what days over the next few months would be good for you? I'd prefer sundays just to keep them spaced out by a week or so but if there's a day you'd be happy to volunteer for lol... sign-up in comments? :)

SIGNUPS CLOSED if all goes well I will do another round at a later date, but let's start this one as a lead-up to halloween. :3
can't nobody touch me

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Ssso with the online sites down and the forums locking down I thought I would post the three most recent chapters of Kuroshitsuji for anyone who didn't have 'em.

Ch 46
Ch 47
Ch 48

As always, buy the books when released o/